Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pip's Puppies

I know you may be wondering how those little pupsters are doing that were born on 4 March so here are some photos for you to enjoy. They are growing bigger every day and Pip is being a very good mother and feeding them well.

                                                 Can you see that fat little tummy BOL

                                                       Pip feeds them.......

                                                     ... and cleans them.

                  And the peeps weigh them to make sure they are gaining weight.

Pip does have time out to wander in the garden every day and have some time for sniffing and enjoying the sunshine (when it stops raining!)

And one more photo of a little pupster. They will soon all have their eyes open and then the fun will really begin!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Crybbe Enjoys Scent Work

This is Crybbe, head of our canine household.
One of the activities he enjoys most of all is scent work. He has been on lots of scentwork courses and last weekend he went on another one at a Yorkshire museum of agriculture through the ages.

                        There are lots of different huts for different historical periods.

                                             The searches were done inside the huts.

Crybbe had to search for tiny little morsels of cheese that are hidden somewhere in the hut.

                                                         Checking under the table.

                                                  Checking the top part of the table too.

                                                And having a good sniff by the window.

It is harder if you are a very little dog but Crybbe can let Judith know if he has found cheese but can't reach it. When he had finished his searches of the hut, Crybbe went outside to search in the yard.

There were rows of old tractors in the shed...and more places to search for hidden cheese!

                                              Crybbe thinks there might be something here!

                                                                  Or on the wheel..

This was one of the best scent work places Crybbe had ever been to. I hope when I am a bit older I will be able to start scent work training as it looks great fun...and cheese is always a bonus BOL


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Frankie and Crybbe's Woodland Walk

This is a photo of my Uncle Frankie who came to stay with us for a couple of days (before Pip's puppies arrived). He is my Aunty Frida's litter brother and Aoife is their Mum. While he was staying, my peeps took him for a fun morning out in the woods near where we live, with our Crybbe to show him the best sniffing places.

Here they are setting off up the path into the woodland. As it is not really Spring yet, there is not much to see in the way of flowers and even the trees are still bare of leaves but it does mean that the creatures who live in the woods are easier to see - especially when they come to the feeding station.

This grey squirrel was keeping out of the way up the tree as Frankie had his eye on him and he loves to chase the squirrels if he gets the chance. They are always too quick but he keeps trying to catch one.

                                  This one was coming to steal the birds' food from the feeder!

                                             There were some pretty birds there too.

                                                              Like this nuthatch

But the boys were not interested in watching the birds like the peeps - they wanted to have a good sniff and a run around so off they went again.

                                                     Come on peeps - time to go!

                                          Crybbe checking out pee mail on a plant stump.

                                                           Frankie on the move.

                                                       Looking for more squirrels.

                                    Oh no - the peeps saw more birds to photograph!.

                                                                Are you coming?

                                         What do you mean nearly time to go back home?

                                         We haven't had time to read half these messages.

                       And I'm sure to be able to catch that squirrel with his back turned!

    But there were no squirrels harmed on the boys' walk in Brayton Barff that morning :-)

And one more photo of my handsome Uncle Frankie after a good bath and tidy up.

Friday, 10 March 2017

New Arrivals

Sorry to have been away from Blogville for so long and I will try to keep up with your posts now but it has been a very busy time here for the past couple of weeks. My schnauzer sister Pip had been getting bigger and bigger for quite a while and it wasn't because she was having too many treats. she was having babies!!

The little pupsters were born on Saturday night last week - 3 girls and 3 boys. They were very tiny but are growing every day. Although you can see these photos, we doggies are not allowed to meet the babies yet as they are too small and Pip wants to care for them with the peeps and no-one bothering her. We can't wait until they are a little older and can see and hear because then they will come into the kitchen, in a playpen and we will be able to meet and sniff them properly.

Pip so loves her babies. She spends day and night with them, feeding and cleaning them...and Leigh is spending the night sleeping by Pip and the puppies in the sitting room so she can give Pip extra food and take her into the garden when she needs to go outside. Pip has a special little cabin called a 'whelping box' which is shiny and white and easy to keep clean, lined with paper and soft vet bedding. The puppies have a little red heated pad too to keep them warm when Pip is outside.  


They are growing so fast this pad will soon be too small but there is a larger one for them too. Pip can be with them as much as likes but, if she fancies a bit of time away she can just step out and find a comfy bed or the sofa instead.

                                          Here she is sitting in her cabin with the pups :-)
The peeps spent a lot of time making sure everything was just right in that little cabin for the birth and, just in case Pip was on her big memory foam Orvis bed when the puppies came, they made sure that it was well protected with light plastic sheets and towels as well. But Pip had other ideas BOL and decided to start giving birth on the sofa. Luckily there were towels and some more plastic sheeting to slide under Pip before the sofa was she had all six babies on the sofa and the whelping cabin stayed nice and clean for when she wanted to settle in with her pups.

And this is Magic, on the left, Pip's grandmother, and Trilby, Pip's mother who are also looking forward to meeting the new additions. Even my Mum and grandmother are getting excited - they love puppies so much :-) Anyway, I will keep you updated on the puppies - they are just funny little pods just now but they will soon look more like little schnauzers as they grow.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Schauzer Visitors and a Birthday

This is me saying hello to Kaspar who came to visit with his big 'sister' Mabel the other day. Mabel is really his aunty as she is one of our Magic's daughters and Kaspar is our Trilby's son. Trilby is Magic's daughter too but she is a year older than Mabel. Family relations can sound complicated sometimes BOL. Anyway, Mabel and Kaspar came through to visit and have a little grooming session too. Here are some photos from the day.

                                                      Kaspar (on the left) and Mabel

                                       Mabel and Frida getting to know each other again :-)

                                                                Kaspar looking smart.

                                                                  And Mabel :-)

                                       And this is my Mum, Saoirse keeping an eye on things.


                                              And me watching the schnauzers play.

I must not forget to mention my grandmother, Aoife, too because she celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday.

Aoife is very pretty. She is Mum to Saoirse, Raven and Frida (who live here) and to Darcy, Georgie and Frankie (who live with other families), as well as being grandmother to me and Danny :-) So 'Happy Birthday, dear Aoife, from all of your relatives xx'

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Big Cats and Painted Dogs

This post is about some of the animals which my peeps went to see at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park yesterday. Sadly dogs are not allowed as we might scare the animals BOL or might end up as lunch!
The Yorkshire Wildlife Park is part of a worldwide effort to conserve endangered species and to take in animals that have been suffering in zoos which kept them in cages with no room to wander about or enjoy any natural kind of life.

Some of the first big cats to arrive at the YWP about ten years ago were lions from a zoo in Rumania where there was no money to look after them and they had been caged on concrete and fed a poor diet so some were disabled and none very well. Money was raised to bring them to the UK and before too long the lions had settled in two big areas with grass and caves and a waterfall and stream at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They have space to stroll about and places to hide if they want and rest and good meat to eat. You can read about the lions at the Wildlife Park here:

Lion Country

The Wildlife Park soon had more animals coming including Amur Leopards which are critically endangered in the wild. There may only be 70 individuals left in the whole world! They are such beautiful creatures and so sad to think they might die out. You can read more about the leopards here:

The leopards have a huge climbing frame with places to rest and view all the way up to the highest point overlooking the whole park. They love to climb and watch what is happening around them.

Near to the leopards are the Amur Tigers. These too are very endangered and part of a breeding programme to try and increase the population to return them to the wild once there is a safe and protected natural environment for them.

These are VERY big cats! No messing with these boys and girls BOL but they are just pussy cats when it comes to playing with toys and snoozing in the sun.

At one time the numbers of these magnificent cats was as low as 40 in the wild, and even today there are only about 500. You can read more about the Amur Tigers here:

But you may be wondering with all these beautiful cats, where are the dogs?

Can you see them? These dogs are experts at hiding and probably need to be in the wild, sadly. The African Painted Dog is so pretty but they have been hunted and killed for the past hundred years until their numbers have dropped to just 1% of the numbers that lived in the wild in 1900. There have been seven puppies born recently at Yorkshire Wildlife Park to the resident pack leaders and my peeps were so happy to see them playing in their cave. They have a woodland and a large area to roam as well as the caves to hide.

                            Here are some closer photos taken with the zoom on the camera.

You can read more about the African Painted Dogs at the Wildlife Park here:

There are lots of other animals from around the world to see at this park and sad to think of so many creatures that need rescuing and helping to survive in our world. The peeps did enjoy the chance to see them though and hope that one day their offspring will be running free and safe in the wild again.